Special performance software

ECU Remapping is a unique and innovative software and hardware tuning product which improves the performance, drivability, responsiveness and fuel economy of your vehicle verses the manufacturer specification for the vehicle. Specialising in purely engine & gearbox tuning we aim to shine above the competition for this service now and in years to come.
Modern vehicles are heavily dependent on computerised systems that work together to deliver a great performance. At JB Auto Solutions, we have advanced performance software that can increase your car’s BHP up to 35%. Similarly we have Elite Race software, which is known to improve the BHP by 50%. Come to us for more information.

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Improved fuel economy

While engine remapping, we pinpoint the exact issue that is causing additional fuel consumption. We analyse the issue and come up with a solution. In a majority of cases, these issues can be rectified by using our software, such as Eco-Blue. However, we may also suggest mechanical repairs, if required.

ECU remapping is recommended for:

Better performance
Improved driveability
Improved responsiveness
Fuel economy
Gearbox tuning

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